About Us

Fran Smith & Diana Lapins

Like many people, we met at work…where we learned that we both have business and design backgrounds, live in the same area, and are left-handed! With over 30 years of combined experience, we also felt there was another way to introduce the power of good design to you, our clients, and another way to get a job done on your behalf.

Call us crazy, but we still believe being timely, polite and professional still has a place in the world and in making your job, no matter how large or small, go smoothly. We believe you have the right to touch and feel new products and encourage you to expand your view of how they can be used. We want you to be as excited as we are about the possibilities! We believe you hire us to make your wishes a reality, and we believe that it is our role to show you the multiple paths to get there. We view interior design as a collaborative service…we work ‘with’ our clients as well as ‘for’ our clients.

We invite you to contact either one of us to discuss your upcoming residential or business project!

Diana and Fran
Hunt Woods Manor Design

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