Kitchen Trends for 2017

Matte black is the new stainless steel appliance finish, as shown by  manufacturers at recent Spring  home and design exhibitions. Both Jenn-Air and Wolf showed this on range and refrigerator doors as a contemporary replacement for the long running stainless steel finishes and the newer bronze finishes seen over the past few years. And here’s a blast from the past! Butcher block counter tops are back…this time as a finish contrast to under-counter mounted stainless steel bar sinks. Not a bad idea, considering that bar sinks are not as heavily exposed to moisture as our heavily used kitchen sinks. 

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Doggy Design









  • For many of us, our fur babies are loving members of our families! Their health and well being are a top priority.
  • Designing for family pets, and creating pet friendly environments, has really become a priority for many homeowners.
  • Check out these clever solutions for a happy pet and healthy pet care. Which benefit both the owner and his four legged friends.

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Exuberant color-Pink is in!


img057img056Pink is not just for little girls! The happy color is now used to make a happy home. If you are passionate about pink, your time is here, and it’s not just for your blush or shoes. Use it as a central theme in a small space, as in this room image, or as an accent as part of a luxury design.

Rodin in Bronxville

Did you know that Michaelangelo exaggerated sizes of parts of his sculptures? (Think about the statue of David…)

Gary Sussman, guest speaker at the opening of the new exhibit, “The Bronze Age: Rodin & the Methods of a Master” which is at Concordia College through November 27, 2013, shared with us that Auguste Rodin was an astute student of the artistic license techniques used by Michaelangelo centuries before him. Like Michaelangelo, Rodin manipulated the human proportions of his sculptures to ellicit the emotional response he desired from the viewer.

Photographs do not do justice to the liquid quality, again controlled via techniques used by Rodin. Both the very large and some very small Rodin busts are now available for our viewing at the OSilas Gallery of Concordia College in Bronxville, NY.

Make your visit a leisurely afternoon outing…with many of the local Bronxville businesses sponsoring special activities, offerings, menus and wine tastings to augment and enhance the experience.

Ever wonder how to make that entryway more impactful? Contact us to talk about how size and proportion can be used in fixing an area of your home or office.

James Turrell- Master of Color and Light

View looking up from the floor!

View looking up from the floor!

The James Turrell oval exhibit extends inside the rotunda from first floor to the roof oculus of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and shows how much control Turrell can execute over our perception of light, color, and space. Aten Reign (2013) fills the enormous volume with shifting LED artificial and natural light. Colors change from dark to light and light to dark, and from one color to another, in a random, computer generated sequence. The more nimble of us laid down on the floor of the rotunda to look straight up and experience the changes over time. Like attendance at a Friends Meeting, you are immersed in the quiet power of the moment and speak only in hushed tones when needed. Fantastic!

Now imagine the impact of light and color in your own home or office and how it can be improved, and call us to discuss helping you implement the changes.

LED lighting for Home Use

Wood trimmed LED

Wood trimmed LED fixtures match the decorative wood ceiling

I am beginning to see LED lighting that can be enjoyed by residential clients…my corporate clients have enjoyed the benefits of LED lighting that I specified for almost a decade. LED lighting uses a small amount of electricity when compared to other types of lighting fixtures for the amount of light that it provides and the LED “lamps” last for years…but until now, the pricing for LED light fixtures was high and the ability of LED lighting to “render” colors, or make colors look good in a room, varied greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. LED lighting might be a useful alterative in rooms where you want to have more lighting but do not want to, or cannot, bring more electrical power into your home to light the room.
Now, lighting companies are decreasing their costs to manufacturer and we have access to better LED fixtures. New LED fixtures are available that can be used in either wood (with matching wood trimming for an additional cost) or plaster or gypsum ceilings, and with dimming switches to control their brightness. My professional lighting colleague also showed me new handsome LED track lights that are well finished and competitively priced.
While LED lighting is still too pricey to use everywhere in a home, it can now be a consideration to help you add that extra lighting you want in your entryway, living room, or dining room. LED’s are also a good alternative in hard to reach or high locations because the fixtures last 50,000 (!) hours. We can work with you to determine where and how LED lighting can be used in your home or business.

Contemporary African Textiles

A stunning reversible geometric pattern

A stunning reversible geometric pattern

The most strikingAfrican weaver working at his tree branch loom “exhibit” at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair show in New York was outside of the main exhibit hall…there he was, the fabric weaver from Africa, sitting on the floor and working on a hand-made loom he made out of tree branches…using his toes to control the various long warp threads to generate his striking black and white patterns. This was only the second time he had ever left his village, where the weaving is done by the men and where the women raise the crops as source of linen and cotton thread.     The fabric is woven in thin strips, about 12 inches wide, and then sewn together to create finished products such as blankets or yardage for upholstery fabric that show incredible geometric patterns woven in black and white.

This exciting addition to the show was an initiative of the British European Design Group to celebrate the multi-disciplinary creative talent emerging from the African and African-Caribbean craft traditions.

What a treat to see the weaver at work…and I know you will appreciate with me the workmanship and creativity these beautiful handmade textiles reveal!


New glass mosaic tiles

Large scale image created from small glass mosaic tiles.

Large scale image created from small glass mosaic tiles.

A recent visit to one of my favorite glass tile showrooms was very impactful…and in a big way! We don’t think of small mosaic tiles as “graphic” material, but they can be used to create large over-sized images to incredible effect! Certain vendor’s products lend themselves well to curved wall applications, too. The trick is to limit your color palette so that the color itself is not overwhelming—just the size of the graphic! Simple use of white and gold, white and silver, or white and a color can create the desired effect! We can work with you to decide how to scale the use of these small tiles into large images that are proportional to other items in the room to create the one of a kind “wow” factor that will bring a smile to your face every time you walk in! These can be used in a kitchen, a bathroom…what about an entry foyer wall? And don’t forget how important the lighting that we develop will be with this type of graphic installation.

Knit Wear for Furniture

Sinje Ollen is no newcomer to knitting as a means of earning a living and has been knitting fashion forward clothing pieces for years. But now she is creating a name for herself as the “Knitting Mom” who creates custom one-of-a-kind seat covers for iconic mid-century furniture that was mass-produced in its time to make modern more affordable to all. Her colorful covers and cushions can happily extend the upholstery life of pieces that might be showing wear and tear due to the enthusiasm of children and pets…or life. We wish her much success in her new endeavor! See more of her felted and knitted wool work at

A felted wool cushion for Eero Saarinen Tulip armchair

A felted wool cushion for Eero Saarinen Tulip armchair

Berry Candy hand painted Italian merino wool for the Arne Jacobsen Swan chair

Berry Candy hand painted Italian merino wool for the Arne Jacobsen Swan chair

Outdoor Grilling

Ah, spring is in the air and I can smell…the steak, chicken, veggies and pizza made out on the grille! There were two new hot (pardon the pun!) outdoor items drawing attention and crowds at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show: hybrid grills and outdoor pizza ovens.

Outdoor dining at its best!

Outdoor dining at its best

The new hybrid grills coming to market provides the outdoor chef with the greatest flexibility because they can perform with any of the three preferred fuels: wood, gas or charcoal.  The grills are available as free-standing or built-in units, made in stainless steel. All the leading brands are made in the USA.

The grills are built to extend down to the ground by providing a deeper firebox to handle the different fuels, and can be ordered with variety of grill tops to accommodate meat versus vegetable grilling.

Portable gas pizza oven

Portable gas pizza oven

The other items which was creating a buzz, was the outdoor pizza ovens, brings pizza baking into the realm of cooking entertainment. Also of stainless steel, this gas-fired pizza oven is a counter-top design and requires no installation. After just a 20-45 minute pre-heat, you can bake a large pizza in less than 3 minutes.

These ovens connect to either natural gas or liquid propane line or tank, so you can bake artisan pizza on the baking deck or using pans.

Make your outdoor living space as nice as your indoor living space…call us to discuss how we can help you to improve your outdoor cooking area so you can enjoy your entertainment areas all spring and summer long!

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