An inspiration of creativity from another artist : David Belyeat Photography

Lady in the wind

Lady in the wind

Forbidden Pool

Forbidden Pool

Some people think of photography as pictures of family and friends. But photography as a means of art is another way to experience our wonderful world. David Belyeat brings that feeling to all his work. Whether it’s nature or city scapes. David captures the essence of the environment with his eye for detail and his developing style and printing techniques.
Large scale photography doesn’t have to be only for the corporate office environment, it works well in medical and residential installations too. Photography can bring you to places you have only dreamed of, it bring calm to stressful environment, and light to a cloudy day!Lady in the wind
By shooting images with a large format camera he is able to make the most of color and image. By opening up his lenses for longer periods of time, he captures movement as it happens… David’s color development is second to none, which he has developed by uses cutting edge materials like crystal infused paper and metals. His images transcend into two dimensional art.
David is a self-taught photographer with a true gift. After living in an urban environment, David and his wife decided he wanted a new way to experience life and they recently relocated to Denver, Colorado and opened a studio there. I invite you to view his extensive collection of work on his web

Knit Wear for Furniture

Sinje Ollen is no newcomer to knitting as a means of earning a living and has been knitting fashion forward clothing pieces for years. But now she is creating a name for herself as the “Knitting Mom” who creates custom one-of-a-kind seat covers for iconic mid-century furniture that was mass-produced in its time to make modern more affordable to all. Her colorful covers and cushions can happily extend the upholstery life of pieces that might be showing wear and tear due to the enthusiasm of children and pets…or life. We wish her much success in her new endeavor! See more of her felted and knitted wool work at

A felted wool cushion for Eero Saarinen Tulip armchair

A felted wool cushion for Eero Saarinen Tulip armchair

Berry Candy hand painted Italian merino wool for the Arne Jacobsen Swan chair

Berry Candy hand painted Italian merino wool for the Arne Jacobsen Swan chair

Houlihan Lawrence – 1Q 2013 Market Report

Houlihan-Q1-2013The seeds of a housing recovery sown last year have blossomed this spring in both our region and across the United States. In Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties, pending sales (commitments to purchase a home at a specified price and terms, typically closing within 60 to 90 days) are up sharply compared to the same period last year, while inventory is down to 2004 levels, near the lows of the last bull market.

Our current supply/demand ration in Westchester (three active listings for every pending home sale) is at the lowest levels since 2005, and we are increasingly seeing multiple bidders vying for new listings in many communities. With inventory being absorbed at a faster pace than new listings entering the market – both locally and nationwide – we can expect to see rising home prices in 2013, consistent with our prediction last year that home values had bottomed.

In face, median prices are beginning to edge up locally in Q1 compared to the same period last year: in Westchester the median price was up 2% to $515,000; Putnam County median price increased by 3%.

The national trend toward reduced inventories reflects a combination of psychological and economic factors. Some homeowners are unable to sell because they are under water on their mortgages, or have minimal equity available to purchase another home. Others may feel that time is on their side and are waiting for higher prices before listing. Whatever their reasons, homeowners across the country are staying put in greater numbers for the time being.

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Barbara Kerrigan – Real Estate Buyer/ Broker, Relocation Specialist
Barbara Kerrigan has been in residential real estate for 18 years and is an expert at seeing the potential in distressed properties. She can help you with any of your needs, not just in property that needs renovation but in all aspects of buying and selling residential properties.

Blu Homes

A New Way To Build Your Home of the Future

Blu Homes started as a two year study program at MIT and the Rhode Island School of Design. The program set out to identify ways to build “green”, or sustainable, homes in a modular environment.

A Stunning Blu Home

A Stunning Blu Home

By creating a prefab template and using state of the art technology, Blu is able to create a custom home for a fraction of the time and cost. Forget about what you ever thought of as a mobile home. This is no double wide.

Typically constructed in a factory in about 6–8 weeks, this construction method is much less stressful on the environment, yourself, and your new neighbors. Blu explains that the whole process from site selection to move-in can be completed in about 9 months, much shorter than your typical construction schedule.

Varying in size and cost, and with the newest energy savings construction on the market, Blu Homes claims that their design and construction methods can provide you with up to $7,000 in energy cost savings over a 10 years, when compared to a traditionally built home. With a variety of sizes and a wide selection of finishes, you can customize every aspect of your home to fit your tastes. Prices vary from as little as $130,000 to as much as $600,000.

Blu Homes is one of the few prefab home-builders that offer space spans of 18’ to 25’ wide, with ceilings up to 16’ high, making for an open, sunny and spacious living area.

Check out their web site:, and start thinking about that second home, or the next way you’ll purchase a home.

When you’re ready for an interior design consultation for your Blu Home, contact us!

Illuminated Paint by Peter Bynum

For the second year in a row, I have seen Peter’s work at the Architectural Digest Home Show; it glows from a far, and draws you near. He paints on panels of glass and then spaces them out and layers them to create depth and colors, shapes and forms, which draw you in for a closer look.

Detail of one of Bynum's layered glass creations

Detail of one of Bynum’s layered glass creations

Peter describes it as “light surrounding paint”. His art takes on dimension; when multiple layers of painted glass are lit from behind, the light  filters out from the back, front and sides, giving volume to the light and creating a three dimensional painting that glows.

The paint becomes translucent and luminous. When viewing, it feels like you are able to dive into the painting and swim through the piece…it’s a very calming effect.

By painting on separate panels of glass and spacing the panels out from each other, it allows a flat surface to take on spatial depth, similar to a sculpture; layers can be changed or rotated to create up to eight different possible ways to present the piece, reminding you of a microscopic slide of nature.

With a remote control dimmer, you can change the light intensity of the art and become an artist, in what Bynum describes as a passive role. The viewer decides the setting and mood for the moment.

Dede Young, Art Historian at the Neuberger Museum of Art, called his work “most provocative, when contemporary art turns a corner and moves away from the past. There is sort of a secret world to his painting, almost as if you are underwater.” See the close-up image of Peter’s glass and visit his website, to see examples and how it’s done.

Outdoor Grilling

Ah, spring is in the air and I can smell…the steak, chicken, veggies and pizza made out on the grille! There were two new hot (pardon the pun!) outdoor items drawing attention and crowds at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show: hybrid grills and outdoor pizza ovens.

Outdoor dining at its best!

Outdoor dining at its best

The new hybrid grills coming to market provides the outdoor chef with the greatest flexibility because they can perform with any of the three preferred fuels: wood, gas or charcoal.  The grills are available as free-standing or built-in units, made in stainless steel. All the leading brands are made in the USA.

The grills are built to extend down to the ground by providing a deeper firebox to handle the different fuels, and can be ordered with variety of grill tops to accommodate meat versus vegetable grilling.

Portable gas pizza oven

Portable gas pizza oven

The other items which was creating a buzz, was the outdoor pizza ovens, brings pizza baking into the realm of cooking entertainment. Also of stainless steel, this gas-fired pizza oven is a counter-top design and requires no installation. After just a 20-45 minute pre-heat, you can bake a large pizza in less than 3 minutes.

These ovens connect to either natural gas or liquid propane line or tank, so you can bake artisan pizza on the baking deck or using pans.

Make your outdoor living space as nice as your indoor living space…call us to discuss how we can help you to improve your outdoor cooking area so you can enjoy your entertainment areas all spring and summer long!

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European Refrigeration Comes to the US from GE

European refrigeration has come to America! GE is the one of the first companies using R600A refrigerant in household refrigerators sold in the US.

R600A is a naturally occurring refrigerant and does not impact the ozone layer. It is the dominating refrigerant used for household appliances in Western Europe, and the refrigerator it is used in is meant for smaller spaces. The units can be paired together for large installations.

The GE Monogram 30-inch wide refrigerator has an ice maker and a freezer drawer that can be converted into additional refrigeration space or wine cooler space when you have a party. It can also be built into cabinetry or furnished with glass doors. The LED lighting along the sides of the unit is unobtrusive and should not need replacing.

We applaud the flexability built into the design of the refrigerator itself. But because this technology is new, we will be watching a bit to understand how well it is performing here in the US where we have such widely diverse temperatures and humidity.

As always, we encourage you to consider technologies, products, finishes and practices that promote a sustainable and healthier environment.

Silk is the Newest Tub and Sink Material

Ok, it’s not “silk” like a scarf or a shirt fabric…but it’s just as luxurious!

Silk and Polymineral are solid-surface materials recently making their way from Europe to the US by way of free-standing bath tubs and sinks (lavatories). They are called Silk because they are smooth to the touch and they lend themselves well to curved surfaces…just like the fabric.

I recently saw them used in both large scale and small scale bath tubs – a wonderful option to have. Both are available in a soft matte or glossy gel coated finish.

My question regarding the proper way to clean these new finishes was simply answered: non-abrasive liquid cleaners are suggested, as well as – get this – using a Mr.Clean® Magic Eraser® for dark dirt and grime on the outside of these fixtures. Guess my mom was onto something when she switched to using the eraser on her kitchen appliances years ago.

Do you dream of soaking in one of these? We can help you with your bath redesign!

Design Forecasting Predictions for 2014

Mixed media chair made of wood and resin

Mixed media chair made of wood and resin

Now that we know what to expect for 2013 color wise, how about 2014 color and product development?

I recently attended an event sponsored by IIDANY Retail Forum regarding Trendforcasting. Did you ever wonder how manufacturers know what will be popular years in advance? Trendforcasting provides manufacturers with information to help them understand what will influence product design that all of us will see in the future. Greg Dunlop, Global Commercial Director of WGSN and one of the influential leaders of this industry, was the guest speaker. Mr. Dunlop shared his firm’s insights on color, materials, and product design in categories including furniture, lighting, print and pattern for 2014.

And there is good news! We will want color back in our lives again, cool bright mid-toned colors such as green, blue, aqua, citrus yellows, and magenta. Neutral colors will trend toward ochre, taupe and bright white. Gray and black are expected to decrease in popularity, along with the warm reds and yellows.

Expect to see products that will be a mix of fused man-made synthetic materials and natural materials – as shown in this chair made of wood and resin (image courtesy of from Pelidesign.

Dresser made of Newspaper Wood

Dresser made of Newspaper Wood.

What about a product called Newspaper Wood made from recycled newspapers? Created by a student as a school project, it is now being developed as wood-like products byVij5, a Dutch design label. It can be used in furniture, such as in this dresser! (see

You may also see products made with concentric layers like in a geode, (image courtesy of or real products that look like they are right out of a computer software package—we will start to ask ourselves if an image is real or is it computer simulation…the lines of distinction will be blurred.

Keep your eyes open for all these new innovative products!


A Geode.

Spring is Here! Check Out the 2013 Color of the Year.

Green - The Color of 2013!Who isn’t ready for spring and the colors of 2013?

I know I am ready, and from all I’m reading the colors for 2013 are spring colors. Primarily greens of all shades and tones – emerald, pistachio, daiquiri ice. Pantone has a huge color selection of greens, and the fashion world has jumped on the band wagon, with emerald as the dominate shade for clothing and accessories. Yes it seems like where heading back in 1986, with deep dark green walls and carpets…but here is it!

I just wish I could somehow have green eyes…they have always been my favorite.

Think Spring and check out some of the greens for this year!