Blu Homes

A New Way To Build Your Home of the Future

Blu Homes started as a two year study program at MIT and the Rhode Island School of Design. The program set out to identify ways to build “green”, or sustainable, homes in a modular environment.

A Stunning Blu Home

A Stunning Blu Home

By creating a prefab template and using state of the art technology, Blu is able to create a custom home for a fraction of the time and cost. Forget about what you ever thought of as a mobile home. This is no double wide.

Typically constructed in a factory in about 6–8 weeks, this construction method is much less stressful on the environment, yourself, and your new neighbors. Blu explains that the whole process from site selection to move-in can be completed in about 9 months, much shorter than your typical construction schedule.

Varying in size and cost, and with the newest energy savings construction on the market, Blu Homes claims that their design and construction methods can provide you with up to $7,000 in energy cost savings over a 10 years, when compared to a traditionally built home. With a variety of sizes and a wide selection of finishes, you can customize every aspect of your home to fit your tastes. Prices vary from as little as $130,000 to as much as $600,000.

Blu Homes is one of the few prefab home-builders that offer space spans of 18’ to 25’ wide, with ceilings up to 16’ high, making for an open, sunny and spacious living area.

Check out their web site:, and start thinking about that second home, or the next way you’ll purchase a home.

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