Outdoor Grilling

Ah, spring is in the air and I can smell…the steak, chicken, veggies and pizza made out on the grille! There were two new hot (pardon the pun!) outdoor items drawing attention and crowds at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show: hybrid grills and outdoor pizza ovens.

Outdoor dining at its best!

Outdoor dining at its best

The new hybrid grills coming to market provides the outdoor chef with the greatest flexibility because they can perform with any of the three preferred fuels: wood, gas or charcoal.  The grills are available as free-standing or built-in units, made in stainless steel. All the leading brands are made in the USA.

The grills are built to extend down to the ground by providing a deeper firebox to handle the different fuels, and can be ordered with variety of grill tops to accommodate meat versus vegetable grilling.

Portable gas pizza oven

Portable gas pizza oven

The other items which was creating a buzz, was the outdoor pizza ovens, brings pizza baking into the realm of cooking entertainment. Also of stainless steel, this gas-fired pizza oven is a counter-top design and requires no installation. After just a 20-45 minute pre-heat, you can bake a large pizza in less than 3 minutes.

These ovens connect to either natural gas or liquid propane line or tank, so you can bake artisan pizza on the baking deck or using pans.

Make your outdoor living space as nice as your indoor living space…call us to discuss how we can help you to improve your outdoor cooking area so you can enjoy your entertainment areas all spring and summer long!

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Finished Backyard Project

The backyard project is complete and we are thrilled with the results. See how the boxy-rectangular shaped backyard has been transformed into an organic oasis, complete with a variety of areas for dining, entertaining, relaxing and even meditating.

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Diana Lapins – Owner, Hunt Woods Manor
Diana is an interior designer with over 28 years of experience in the interior design profession. She has been actively renovating residential homes since 1994, and is currently on her 6th home renovation project.

Backyard Project: Initial Steps

Welcome to the beginning of our project with Diana. I’m Deb Phillips from Nature’s Cradle Nursery and I’m the Landscape Designer that will be working closely with Diana to accomplish her goals in the back yard. Time is short so Raffi Ishkanian, our Design Team Lead, will join me to help quickly develop and implement a design that will fit her home, her budget, and her hopes for the backyard.

Backyard Plan

So lets get started. With every design project there are steps to follow and landscaping is no exception. Today, our first step was to create a list of Diana’s likes, dislikes, color preferences, intended use of the yard, and any special elements she may be looking for like a patio, lighting, water features, and others. The next was to note existing site elements like sunlight, shade, elevations, and existing large trees and other plant material. We also know that Diana wants to re-use as much of the existing plant material and stone as possible which is a great way to save on budget and reduce waste.

Just an hour later, armed with this information, Raffi and I sat down in Diana’s yard and traded ideas for different areas of the property while listening to the hum of saws and watching the amazing climbers prune Diana’s large oaks. We quickly sketched our ideas and raced back to the drawing board to produce a concept design for Diana’s approval.

Next steps, detail design and estimates.

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Deb Phillips – Landscape Architect
Deb is a certified Commercial Horticulture and Landscape Designer who loves to create beautiful landscapes. She currently works at Nature’s Cradle Nursery.