Exuberant color-Pink is in!


img057img056Pink is not just for little girls! The happy color is now used to make a happy home. If you are passionate about pink, your time is here, and it’s not just for your blush or shoes. Use it as a central theme in a small space, as in this room image, or as an accent as part of a luxury design.

Rodin in Bronxville

Did you know that Michaelangelo exaggerated sizes of parts of his sculptures? (Think about the statue of David…)

Gary Sussman, guest speaker at the opening of the new exhibit, “The Bronze Age: Rodin & the Methods of a Master” which is at Concordia College through November 27, 2013, shared with us that Auguste Rodin was an astute student of the artistic license techniques used by Michaelangelo centuries before him. Like Michaelangelo, Rodin manipulated the human proportions of his sculptures to ellicit the emotional response he desired from the viewer.

Photographs do not do justice to the liquid quality, again controlled via techniques used by Rodin. Both the very large and some very small Rodin busts are now available for our viewing at the OSilas Gallery of Concordia College in Bronxville, NY.

Make your visit a leisurely afternoon outing…with many of the local Bronxville businesses sponsoring special activities, offerings, menus and wine tastings to augment and enhance the experience.

Ever wonder how to make that entryway more impactful? Contact us to talk about how size and proportion can be used in fixing an area of your home or office.

Truly Grand!

View of Grand Hotel from the Strait of Mackinac

View of Grand Hotel from the Strait of Mackinac

World’s Largest Front Porch- Grand Hotel:
Grand Hotel has always embraced its rich history, but kept up well with the times. Today, guests enjoy modern amenities while the hotel’s original architecture and charm have been tastefully preserved. At 660 feet, Grand Hotel’s Front Porch is the world’s largest, and is visible as you approach the Mackinaw Island from the Straits of Lake Michigan, where cars are not allowed and the horse and carriage and bicycle are favoured modes of transportation.

About Mackinaw Island:
Mackinaw (MACK-in-awe) became one of the nation’s favoured summer resort destinations during the Victorian era. Vacationers arrived in large lake excursion boats from Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit seeking the cooler weather on Mackinaw Island. They danced to Strauss’ waltzes, listened to Sousa’s stirring marches, dined on whitefish and strolled along the broad decks. To accommodate overnight guests, boat and railroad companies financed the building of Grand Hotel.
The 1980 film Somewhere in Time, starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer, was filmed on location at Grand Hotel. You may remember it.

James Turrell- Master of Color and Light

View looking up from the floor!

View looking up from the floor!

The James Turrell oval exhibit extends inside the rotunda from first floor to the roof oculus of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and shows how much control Turrell can execute over our perception of light, color, and space. Aten Reign (2013) fills the enormous volume with shifting LED artificial and natural light. Colors change from dark to light and light to dark, and from one color to another, in a random, computer generated sequence. The more nimble of us laid down on the floor of the rotunda to look straight up and experience the changes over time. Like attendance at a Friends Meeting, you are immersed in the quiet power of the moment and speak only in hushed tones when needed. Fantastic! http://www.guggenheim.org/new-york/exhibitions/on-view/james-turrell.

Now imagine the impact of light and color in your own home or office and how it can be improved, and call us to discuss helping you implement the changes.

Contemporary African Textiles

A stunning reversible geometric pattern

A stunning reversible geometric pattern

The most strikingAfrican weaver working at his tree branch loom “exhibit” at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair show in New York was outside of the main exhibit hall…there he was, the fabric weaver from Africa, sitting on the floor and working on a hand-made loom he made out of tree branches…using his toes to control the various long warp threads to generate his striking black and white patterns. This was only the second time he had ever left his village, where the weaving is done by the men and where the women raise the crops as source of linen and cotton thread.     The fabric is woven in thin strips, about 12 inches wide, and then sewn together to create finished products such as blankets or yardage for upholstery fabric that show incredible geometric patterns woven in black and white.

This exciting addition to the show was an initiative of the British European Design Group to celebrate the multi-disciplinary creative talent emerging from the African and African-Caribbean craft traditions.

What a treat to see the weaver at work…and I know you will appreciate with me the workmanship and creativity these beautiful handmade textiles reveal!


An inspiration of creativity from another artist : David Belyeat Photography

Lady in the wind

Lady in the wind

Forbidden Pool

Forbidden Pool

Some people think of photography as pictures of family and friends. But photography as a means of art is another way to experience our wonderful world. David Belyeat brings that feeling to all his work. Whether it’s nature or city scapes. David captures the essence of the environment with his eye for detail and his developing style and printing techniques.
Large scale photography doesn’t have to be only for the corporate office environment, it works well in medical and residential installations too. Photography can bring you to places you have only dreamed of, it bring calm to stressful environment, and light to a cloudy day!Lady in the wind
By shooting images with a large format camera he is able to make the most of color and image. By opening up his lenses for longer periods of time, he captures movement as it happens… David’s color development is second to none, which he has developed by uses cutting edge materials like crystal infused paper and metals. His images transcend into two dimensional art.
David is a self-taught photographer with a true gift. After living in an urban environment, David and his wife decided he wanted a new way to experience life and they recently relocated to Denver, Colorado and opened a studio there. I invite you to view his extensive collection of work on his web site:www.info@davidbelyeat.com

Blu Homes

A New Way To Build Your Home of the Future

Blu Homes started as a two year study program at MIT and the Rhode Island School of Design. The program set out to identify ways to build “green”, or sustainable, homes in a modular environment.

A Stunning Blu Home

A Stunning Blu Home

By creating a prefab template and using state of the art technology, Blu is able to create a custom home for a fraction of the time and cost. Forget about what you ever thought of as a mobile home. This is no double wide.

Typically constructed in a factory in about 6–8 weeks, this construction method is much less stressful on the environment, yourself, and your new neighbors. Blu explains that the whole process from site selection to move-in can be completed in about 9 months, much shorter than your typical construction schedule.

Varying in size and cost, and with the newest energy savings construction on the market, Blu Homes claims that their design and construction methods can provide you with up to $7,000 in energy cost savings over a 10 years, when compared to a traditionally built home. With a variety of sizes and a wide selection of finishes, you can customize every aspect of your home to fit your tastes. Prices vary from as little as $130,000 to as much as $600,000.

Blu Homes is one of the few prefab home-builders that offer space spans of 18’ to 25’ wide, with ceilings up to 16’ high, making for an open, sunny and spacious living area.

Check out their web site: www.bluhomes.com, and start thinking about that second home, or the next way you’ll purchase a home.

When you’re ready for an interior design consultation for your Blu Home, contact us!

Spring is Here! Check Out the 2013 Color of the Year.

Green - The Color of 2013!Who isn’t ready for spring and the colors of 2013?

I know I am ready, and from all I’m reading the colors for 2013 are spring colors. Primarily greens of all shades and tones – emerald, pistachio, daiquiri ice. Pantone has a huge color selection of greens, and the fashion world has jumped on the band wagon, with emerald as the dominate shade for clothing and accessories. Yes it seems like where heading back in 1986, with deep dark green walls and carpets…but here is it!

I just wish I could somehow have green eyes…they have always been my favorite.

Think Spring and check out some of the greens for this year!

1910 Arts and Crafts Home

Making An Old Girl Seem Young Again

What do you do to a home which has had the same paint colors since the mid 1990’s? How do you bring an older home with charm and detail into the 2000’s and makes it look fresh and alive? Those were the questions the homeowner asked me when we started to look at re-painting their beloved Arts and Crafts home this summer.

Color Inspiration

First was a trip to a well-known home show to see firsthand industry trends and discuss colors schemes. We literally looked at everything from carpets and wall coverings to furniture for inspiration. We settled on a wallpaper whose pallet we agreed would make a wonderful start to our picking paint colors.

The house situated high on a bluff, looked heavy and worn out. The current color of dark grey with burgundy trim was a nice choice years ago, but both colors had faded and deepened. The house seemed dark and sad.

By painting the house a crème color and the windows an off white, the house seemed to stand up straight. We accented the windows and details with contrasting colors which brought out the details of the architecture. We added cool colors for a strong contrast to the warm tones. Painting the trim a smoky gray and the doors throughout the house a violet purple/blue, made a wonderful contrast to the brightness of the main body of the home.

By changing the floor from an aqua to a dark warm brown, the house now feels supported at the base. The transformation couldn’t be more apparent from the street; the house appears to have a bright sunny feeling even on a cloudy, rainy day.

The client couldn’t be happier. It’s added a whole new life to a grand old girl! See the before and after and let us know what you think!

Diana Lapins – Owner, Hunt Woods Manor
Diana is an interior designer with over 28 years of experience in the interior design profession. She has been actively renovating residential homes since 1994, and is currently on her 6th home renovation project.

Finding Inspiration

Where do you find inspiration? I find it in the very woods that inspired my company’s name. Come along for a walk in Hunt Woods.

Diana Lapins – Owner, Hunt Woods Manor
Diana is an interior designer with over 28 years of experience in the interior design profession. She has been actively renovating residential homes since 1994, and is currently on her 6th home renovation project.