European Refrigeration Comes to the US from GE

European refrigeration has come to America! GE is the one of the first companies using R600A refrigerant in household refrigerators sold in the US.

R600A is a naturally occurring refrigerant and does not impact the ozone layer. It is the dominating refrigerant used for household appliances in Western Europe, and the refrigerator it is used in is meant for smaller spaces. The units can be paired together for large installations.

The GE Monogram 30-inch wide refrigerator has an ice maker and a freezer drawer that can be converted into additional refrigeration space or wine cooler space when you have a party. It can also be built into cabinetry or furnished with glass doors. The LED lighting along the sides of the unit is unobtrusive and should not need replacing.

We applaud the flexability built into the design of the refrigerator itself. But because this technology is new, we will be watching a bit to understand how well it is performing here in the US where we have such widely diverse temperatures and humidity.

As always, we encourage you to consider technologies, products, finishes and practices that promote a sustainable and healthier environment.