Illuminated Paint by Peter Bynum

For the second year in a row, I have seen Peter’s work at the Architectural Digest Home Show; it glows from a far, and draws you near. He paints on panels of glass and then spaces them out and layers them to create depth and colors, shapes and forms, which draw you in for a closer look.

Detail of one of Bynum's layered glass creations

Detail of one of Bynum’s layered glass creations

Peter describes it as “light surrounding paint”. His art takes on dimension; when multiple layers of painted glass are lit from behind, the light  filters out from the back, front and sides, giving volume to the light and creating a three dimensional painting that glows.

The paint becomes translucent and luminous. When viewing, it feels like you are able to dive into the painting and swim through the piece…it’s a very calming effect.

By painting on separate panels of glass and spacing the panels out from each other, it allows a flat surface to take on spatial depth, similar to a sculpture; layers can be changed or rotated to create up to eight different possible ways to present the piece, reminding you of a microscopic slide of nature.

With a remote control dimmer, you can change the light intensity of the art and become an artist, in what Bynum describes as a passive role. The viewer decides the setting and mood for the moment.

Dede Young, Art Historian at the Neuberger Museum of Art, called his work “most provocative, when contemporary art turns a corner and moves away from the past. There is sort of a secret world to his painting, almost as if you are underwater.” See the close-up image of Peter’s glass and visit his website, to see examples and how it’s done.

Silk is the Newest Tub and Sink Material

Ok, it’s not “silk” like a scarf or a shirt fabric…but it’s just as luxurious!

Silk and Polymineral are solid-surface materials recently making their way from Europe to the US by way of free-standing bath tubs and sinks (lavatories). They are called Silk because they are smooth to the touch and they lend themselves well to curved surfaces…just like the fabric.

I recently saw them used in both large scale and small scale bath tubs – a wonderful option to have. Both are available in a soft matte or glossy gel coated finish.

My question regarding the proper way to clean these new finishes was simply answered: non-abrasive liquid cleaners are suggested, as well as – get this – using a Mr.Clean® Magic Eraser® for dark dirt and grime on the outside of these fixtures. Guess my mom was onto something when she switched to using the eraser on her kitchen appliances years ago.

Do you dream of soaking in one of these? We can help you with your bath redesign!

Products We Love: Vintage Scarf Pillows

I recently discovered these beautiful pillows made from vintage scarfs. So I reached out to the designer, Katie Lindsay Corr, to learn more about them.

“I hand make them from silk vintage scarves that I have collected from all parts of the country and abroad. At this point, I have hundreds of designs, with some by big name designers including YSL, Givenchy, Gernreich, Balmain, Lanvin, Patou, Ricci, Dior, and Vera just to name a few. By using vintage pieces that are at least 20 years old you can be assured that each pillow will be made from a rare scarf and that it will be one of a kind.

“Once I began to notice the interesting and beautiful designs in scarves, it seemed a shame that they were shut away in drawers. By making them into pillows, they are enjoyed again, in a new way. I use silk and silk blend scarves that are in excellent condition. First, they are examined for holes and then they are washed or cleaned. Then each scarf is lined with interfacing and muslin to give it strength and finished with a simple silk envelope back made usually made from taffeta or dupioni. The final result is a custom made smooth silky pillow.”

You can find these vintage scarf pillows by Lindsay Corr on “One Kings Lane” under the “Vintage and Market Finds” section. She also has a shop on Etsy and a pillow collection in Spruce Home and Garden in Bronxville. She is also always ready to make pillows to suit her customers needs.

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Diana Lapins – Owner, Hunt Woods Manor
Diana is an interior designer with over 28 years of experience in the interior design profession. She has been actively renovating residential homes since 1994, and is currently on her 6th home renovation project.