Contemporary African Textiles

A stunning reversible geometric pattern

A stunning reversible geometric pattern

The most strikingAfrican weaver working at his tree branch loom “exhibit” at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair show in New York was outside of the main exhibit hall…there he was, the fabric weaver from Africa, sitting on the floor and working on a hand-made loom he made out of tree branches…using his toes to control the various long warp threads to generate his striking black and white patterns. This was only the second time he had ever left his village, where the weaving is done by the men and where the women raise the crops as source of linen and cotton thread.     The fabric is woven in thin strips, about 12 inches wide, and then sewn together to create finished products such as blankets or yardage for upholstery fabric that show incredible geometric patterns woven in black and white.

This exciting addition to the show was an initiative of the British European Design Group to celebrate the multi-disciplinary creative talent emerging from the African and African-Caribbean craft traditions.

What a treat to see the weaver at work…and I know you will appreciate with me the workmanship and creativity these beautiful handmade textiles reveal!


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