Design Forecasting Predictions for 2014

Mixed media chair made of wood and resin

Mixed media chair made of wood and resin

Now that we know what to expect for 2013 color wise, how about 2014 color and product development?

I recently attended an event sponsored by IIDANY Retail Forum regarding Trendforcasting. Did you ever wonder how manufacturers know what will be popular years in advance? Trendforcasting provides manufacturers with information to help them understand what will influence product design that all of us will see in the future. Greg Dunlop, Global Commercial Director of WGSN and one of the influential leaders of this industry, was the guest speaker. Mr. Dunlop shared his firm’s insights on color, materials, and product design in categories including furniture, lighting, print and pattern for 2014.

And there is good news! We will want color back in our lives again, cool bright mid-toned colors such as green, blue, aqua, citrus yellows, and magenta. Neutral colors will trend toward ochre, taupe and bright white. Gray and black are expected to decrease in popularity, along with the warm reds and yellows.

Expect to see products that will be a mix of fused man-made synthetic materials and natural materials – as shown in this chair made of wood and resin (image courtesy of from Pelidesign.

Dresser made of Newspaper Wood

Dresser made of Newspaper Wood.

What about a product called Newspaper Wood made from recycled newspapers? Created by a student as a school project, it is now being developed as wood-like products byVij5, a Dutch design label. It can be used in furniture, such as in this dresser! (see

You may also see products made with concentric layers like in a geode, (image courtesy of or real products that look like they are right out of a computer software package—we will start to ask ourselves if an image is real or is it computer simulation…the lines of distinction will be blurred.

Keep your eyes open for all these new innovative products!


A Geode.

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