Design Services

Interior Design Consultation:

We are happy to meet with you initially to discuss the design project you want to pursue and discuss the steps needed to make the project a reality, regardless of the complexity or simplicity. This meeting would preferably take place on-site so that we can provide a more helpful evaluation, but photos, conference calls, emails or webcam meetings can also start the process.

Interior Decorating:

Creating an environment for the ever-changing needs of our clients, using the latest furniture, fabrics and building materials, we bring the newest trends and design styles and can create a new room or rooms with imagination, efficiency and expertise.

Kitchen and Bath:

Kitchen and bath updates or renovations strike the most fear in people’s hearts and pocketbooks because there is more to these rooms than just making the room look good. The best way to avoid fear is shared knowledge – we want to understand how you use the room now, and how you want to use it in the future. We apply our knowledge of products, ergonomics, scale, proportion, workflow, space planning and universal design to make the room work for you.


As LEED AP professionals, we encourage you to consider technologies, products, finishes and practices that promote a healthier environment. “Stealth Sustainability” starts with your own space, where these options are presented as compliments to and components of good design. As such, they can be adapted in the course of your project or over time.

Universal Design:

When we design for all, we incorporate interior design principles with our understanding of how people move in and through spaces to make rooms such as pantries, kitchens, bathrooms, even offices, useable by young and old, healthy and frail, to the best possible outcome. Addressing issues of safety, comfort and independence provides our clients with piece of mind and confidence that their money is well spent.

Residential Real Estate:

It can sometimes be difficult for a potential owner to see what can be done to a home or apartment to meet their housing expectations. We are proud to assist you and your realtor, to help you envision the potential of a possible property purchase. Teamed along with our group we can brain storm on what could be as opposed to what currently is.

Landscape Design & Implementation:

Your landscape design starts as you look at your home from the street …it’s the first step in creating a sense of welcome. Selection of the right plants for the New York, Westchester or Connecticut area, their growth requirements and their maintenance needs is as much science as art, and so we partner with landscape designer Deb Phillips who can help us create the entry and garden of your dreams. Deb strives to create beautiful landscapes while limiting the impact on the environment.


Staging conveys the essence of your home’s design and property, allowing a visitor or potential buyer to look past your personal belongings and ideally see themselves, family and friends in the space. We unclutter and simplify to focus the buyer’s eye using our expertise. We can assist in staging your home’s exterior or interior for sale or photography.

Project Management:

With over 28 years of project management and interior design experience, we bring knowledge and expertise to your project from design inception to construction completion. As your liaison, we meet with contractors or sub-contractors on your behalf. We represent your interests to the contracting community, using their words and language. We become your professional eyes and ears, so you can continue with your daily activities.