Garrett Park Project 1

This client wanted to be very involved in updating her kitchen, office and bathroom. An avid cook and entertainer, she had moved from a house to the co-op apartment and was very clear about what she needed: as much storage space as we can squeeze out of the room, an island (eeks, in a room only 10 feet wide!), and a space to pull up a stool and have a cup of coffee in the morning.

I designed a floor plan that the client and I agreed would meet these requirements knowing that new ”everything” would be needed…the kitchen was in almost ORIGINAL condition, complete with a dumb waiter shaft. The contractor gutted the rooms, moved the entry to the kitchen, leveled the floors to correct for a 2-inch pitch, and went to work!

Was it all worth it? Now she can watch the sun rise in the east while sipping her coffee and nibbling on a fresh croissant at the island!

Stealth Sustainability and Universal Design Elements Project Notes