LED lighting for Home Use

Wood trimmed LED

Wood trimmed LED fixtures match the decorative wood ceiling

I am beginning to see LED lighting that can be enjoyed by residential clients…my corporate clients have enjoyed the benefits of LED lighting that I specified for almost a decade. LED lighting uses a small amount of electricity when compared to other types of lighting fixtures for the amount of light that it provides and the LED “lamps” last for years…but until now, the pricing for LED light fixtures was high and the ability of LED lighting to “render” colors, or make colors look good in a room, varied greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. LED lighting might be a useful alterative in rooms where you want to have more lighting but do not want to, or cannot, bring more electrical power into your home to light the room.
Now, lighting companies are decreasing their costs to manufacturer and we have access to better LED fixtures. New LED fixtures are available that can be used in either wood (with matching wood trimming for an additional cost) or plaster or gypsum ceilings, and with dimming switches to control their brightness. My professional lighting colleague also showed me new handsome LED track lights that are well finished and competitively priced.
While LED lighting is still too pricey to use everywhere in a home, it can now be a consideration to help you add that extra lighting you want in your entryway, living room, or dining room. LED’s are also a good alternative in hard to reach or high locations because the fixtures last 50,000 (!) hours. We can work with you to determine where and how LED lighting can be used in your home or business.

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