New glass mosaic tiles

Large scale image created from small glass mosaic tiles.

Large scale image created from small glass mosaic tiles.

A recent visit to one of my favorite glass tile showrooms was very impactful…and in a big way! We don’t think of small mosaic tiles as “graphic” material, but they can be used to create large over-sized images to incredible effect! Certain vendor’s products lend themselves well to curved wall applications, too. The trick is to limit your color palette so that the color itself is not overwhelming—just the size of the graphic! Simple use of white and gold, white and silver, or white and a color can create the desired effect! We can work with you to decide how to scale the use of these small tiles into large images that are proportional to other items in the room to create the one of a kind “wow” factor that will bring a smile to your face every time you walk in! These can be used in a kitchen, a bathroom…what about an entry foyer wall? And don’t forget how important the lighting that we develop will be with this type of graphic installation.

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