Rodin in Bronxville

Did you know that Michaelangelo exaggerated sizes of parts of his sculptures? (Think about the statue of David…)

Gary Sussman, guest speaker at the opening of the new exhibit, “The Bronze Age: Rodin & the Methods of a Master” which is at Concordia College through November 27, 2013, shared with us that Auguste Rodin was an astute student of the artistic license techniques used by Michaelangelo centuries before him. Like Michaelangelo, Rodin manipulated the human proportions of his sculptures to ellicit the emotional response he desired from the viewer.

Photographs do not do justice to the liquid quality, again controlled via techniques used by Rodin. Both the very large and some very small Rodin busts are now available for our viewing at the OSilas Gallery of Concordia College in Bronxville, NY.

Make your visit a leisurely afternoon outing…with many of the local Bronxville businesses sponsoring special activities, offerings, menus and wine tastings to augment and enhance the experience.

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