Silk is the Newest Tub and Sink Material

Ok, it’s not “silk” like a scarf or a shirt fabric…but it’s just as luxurious!

Silk and Polymineral are solid-surface materials recently making their way from Europe to the US by way of free-standing bath tubs and sinks (lavatories). They are called Silk because they are smooth to the touch and they lend themselves well to curved surfaces…just like the fabric.

I recently saw them used in both large scale and small scale bath tubs – a wonderful option to have. Both are available in a soft matte or glossy gel coated finish.

My question regarding the proper way to clean these new finishes was simply answered: non-abrasive liquid cleaners are suggested, as well as – get this – using a Mr.Clean® Magic Eraser® for dark dirt and grime on the outside of these fixtures. Guess my mom was onto something when she switched to using the eraser on her kitchen appliances years ago.

Do you dream of soaking in one of these? We can help you with your bath redesign!

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