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View of Grand Hotel from the Strait of Mackinac

View of Grand Hotel from the Strait of Mackinac

World’s Largest Front Porch- Grand Hotel:
Grand Hotel has always embraced its rich history, but kept up well with the times. Today, guests enjoy modern amenities while the hotel’s original architecture and charm have been tastefully preserved. At 660 feet, Grand Hotel’s Front Porch is the world’s largest, and is visible as you approach the Mackinaw Island from the Straits of Lake Michigan, where cars are not allowed and the horse and carriage and bicycle are favoured modes of transportation.

About Mackinaw Island:
Mackinaw (MACK-in-awe) became one of the nation’s favoured summer resort destinations during the Victorian era. Vacationers arrived in large lake excursion boats from Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit seeking the cooler weather on Mackinaw Island. They danced to Strauss’ waltzes, listened to Sousa’s stirring marches, dined on whitefish and strolled along the broad decks. To accommodate overnight guests, boat and railroad companies financed the building of Grand Hotel.
The 1980 film Somewhere in Time, starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer, was filmed on location at Grand Hotel. You may remember it.

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