Welcome to Hunt Woods Manor

Welcome to Hunt Woods Manor Residential Design Group. You can rely on Hunt Woods Manor to make both your residence and/or place of business a truly enjoyable place to spend time by creating comfortable & functional solutions for the living environment. We are experts at working with existing conditions & enhancing what is already just hidden, and waiting for a new life.

Through the website you can view a time line of examples of both my residential & commercial interior design work past & present, and meet the team which has assisted me on many of these ventures – and hopefully yours.

And through the blog, you will be able to see how the name “Hunt Woods Manor” came about (along with its connection to the area), view updates on our various projects (including the backyard), and get tips & techniques on landscaping, real estate, and projects from our team mates.

So be sure to stay tuned as we have lots more to come.

Diana Lapins – Owner, Hunt Woods Manor
Diana is an interior designer with over 28 years of experience in the interior design profession. She has been actively renovating residential homes since 1994, and is currently on her 6th home renovation project.


  1. Paula Baker says:

    Sat down last night and spent about an hour looking at your site. I am so empressed! Your eye for detail and color and space are “AWSOME!”. I know that I am not a trained eye, however, I see your use of texture, shape, and elegance with practicality so very pleasant. Your style makes one feel lifted up, and in my minds eye, I can imagine being very comfortable in one of your spaces.

    I believe in you, keep on keepping on and believe in yourself. Remember you have a gift that many others only wish they had, value it, love it, and be greatful for it, nurture it, and it will take care of you.

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